Our Story

Go and Make Disciples

We began

The initial leaders began praying over this church starting back in 2012 with a call to seek the good news of God's Kingdom.  In 2016, the Lord provided a window for us to pray for affirmation and timing.  Shortly after, the opportunity to start a small house church came to light. We were introduced to Soma (a family a Missional Community Churches) and began exploring missional communities with a small group in the Fall of 2016.

In May of 2017, we established a core group, signing a covenant to be a church community learning to do all of life together as disciples.

In January of 2018, Ben began a 2-year Soma Sending church planting program to continue the equipping of our vision to live out our communal calling as disciples who make disciples. 

We Continue

Our journey is still evolving as we seek to grow as family, missionary, and servants in all of life together.  The continued training and support from Soma and our mentors has given us a path forward to help equip one another better as Paul speaks of in Ephesians 4.

All of this, our story and the story of those around us, is moving us towards the reality of a larger story.  It is a communal story and an individual one, of restoration, grace, and truth.  It is God's story, of His unending and faithful love to His kids displayed in glory through Jesus Christ our Lord.